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Enabling Effective Coatings Formulations to Improve the Durability of Assets

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Join our Advanced Materials team for the latest webinar in the Durability Series Our coatings experts will introduce you to highly corrosion-resistant, protective specialty components that prolong the coating’s lifetime on metal structures, while meeting your most stringent sustainability needs.

New Epoxy Encapsulation and Impregnation Materials for Reliable Insulation of Electric Drives

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Join Huntsman’s Florian Gnaedinger for a webinar on the electrification of automobile powertrains. New materials will play a crucial role in enabling and facilitating a wide adoption of electric mobility. This presentation will focus on materials serving as secondary insulation in the stator and rotor (e.g. facilitating new 800 V and ESM magnet less rotor designs).

Additives for Reducing VOCs and Odor in Automotive Foams

Automotive molded flexible polyurethane foam, requires ever-decreasing emissions due to regulatory pressures and consumer preferences. Volatile Organic Compounds, aldehydes, and odors contribute to polyurethane foam emissions and are minimized with careful selection of raw materials and additives. Huntsman Performance Products has been actively developing new products and solutions to help customers pass the most stringent polyurethane foam emission testing, set forth by the Automotive industry.

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HFO-stable Catalyst Solutions

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Tertiary amine catalysts, traditionally used in insulation rigid polyurethane foam, are not compatible with new low-GWP blowing agents and require resin stability without sacrificing the reactivity.  Huntsman Performance Products has been researching and developing solutions, to help customers produce the highest quality insulation polyurethane foam, for residential and commercial constructions as well as cold-chain applications, to help reduce energy consumption.

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Navigating Change: A Close-Up on Durable Water Repellents

Regulatory changes in the EU and pressures from NGO are motivating brands to switch from perfluorinated chemicals to fluorocarbon free durable water repellent systems. As part of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Program, Huntsman is proud to have successfully supported brands to make the switch to fluorocarbon-free chemistries.

Join our experts, Craig White – Senior Marketing Manager, Global Brands, and Kerim Oner – Global Marketing Manager – Finishing, where they will share some of the pitfalls and limitations when making the switch to fluorocarbon free repellent systems. They will also provide an overview of the products and technical expertise available from Huntsman to help with your transition to fluorine free systems.

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Novel Easy-To-Use Cast Elastomers for Heavy Duty Applications

To give parts producers extra manufacturing flexibility, Huntsman has developed a new range of easy-to-use (ETU) cast PU elastomers that offer a wide processing window. TECNOTHANE® ETU 1617G elastomer, the first of the ETU range, is a 3K system available from Shore hardness A45 to D60.

TECNOTHANE® ETU elastomers are compatible with standard manufacturing equipment, are easy to control and are tolerant to process temperature variations. They also deliver excellent part-to-part consistency, without post-curing steps – helping to reduce costs and scrap rates.

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Combining Polyester + Cotton Colors in Athleisure

With so many people working from home, and today’s fashions emphasizing function and comfort, the opportunities for multi-fabric apparel with broader color palettes have never been greater.

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Join Siddharth Raj, our regional marketing manager for dyes, together with Pantone and their partners at a panel discussion on how the performance of polyester and softness of cotton can be combined to make that next fashion statement in athleisure wear.

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Enabling Effective Coatings Formulations to Improve the Durability of Assets

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Pipe and tank coatings can last between 8-20 years under normal conditions. However, this can be reduced by as much as 50% when subjected to high temperature, aggressive chemicals, or high pressures. The durability of your coatings can have a direct impact on the service life of your assets, leading to more inspections, higher maintenance costs, and downtime. In many cases this means thousands (and sometimes millions) of dollars spent every year to keep your assets running.

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆In this webinar, our Coatings Technology Manager Dr. Alex Dureault will introduce you to solutions that can improve heavy duty formulations under a variety of conditions, while providing outstanding protection. We will also showcase how our components enable different types of formulations that give your customers significant long-term savings and greater assurance.

Huntsman Textile Effects presents high-performance solutions for Performance Apparel at Performance Days Digital Fair Week

With increasing adoption of active lifestyles and outdoor activities, consumers are demanding high-performance, yet comfortable and sustainably produced sportswear. Consumers are looking for brands that produce using sustainable processes or embed sustainable principles in their operations.

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆At the Performance Days Digital Fair Week from May 17-21, 2021, Huntsman Textile Effects showcased its extensive and complete end-to-end suite of protection effects, as well as presented high-performance solutions for Performance Apparel.

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Featured solutions include:

Watch the recording of our Expert Talk:

Craig White, Senior Marketing Manager, Global Brands, delivered a presentation titled “Sustainability & Textiles: Being the Change That We Want to See”. Craig shared about the megatrends that define the textile and apparel industries in the next 5 years, as well as the quest for more sustainable design, product development, production methods and garment care.

Water-Based Viscoelastic Pillows, a Sustainable Solution

Do you want more comfort? Solutions in polyurethane foams will be presented at the Panel, Comfort Technologies. In this webinar, Huntsman will showcase innovations in water-based, viscoelastic foam using RUBIFLEX® polyurethane technology, a sustainable solution in the comfort technologies industry.

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Latest Epoxy Encapsulation and Impregnation Developments for Next Generation Electric Drives

For the electrification of the automobile powertrain, new materials play a crucial role in enabling and facilitating a wide adoption of electromobility. This webinar is focused on new materials serving as secondary insulation in the stator and rotor.

Automotive Composites Made Possible

How do Huntsman’s polyurethane and epoxy innovations help you solve your automotive challenges with regards to battery housings, interior structures, and pressure vessels?

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Discover our composite resin solutions that reduce weight, enhance performance, improve safety, and optimize process.

How do polyurethanes pave the way to sustainable construction?

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆How do polyurethanes pave the way to sustainable construction? Discover how to optimize environmental performance and learn more on the Huntsman initiatives that can support your growth in this complex environment.

Accelerate Bonding Operations in Extreme Conditions of Temperature, Humidity

How Do Fire Safety and Energy Efficiency Shape the Future of Composite Panel Solutions?

ARALDITE MT 40050 Resin: Increase Performance and Accelerate Time to Market with New Flame-Retardant Epoxy Resin

Maximize Productivity and Minimize Costs with New Aerospace Structural Adhesives