Furniture and Bedding

Huntsman’s MDI and polyol-based systems are the key ingredients in flexible polyurethane foam, a highly versatile cushioning material used in furniture, mattresses and pillows. Within the polyurethane formulated systems, our pioneering JEFFCAT®ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆 catalysts provide emissions reduction, performance and power for polyester, polyether and viscoelastic applications.

Huntsman’s sustainable textile solutions bring exceptional quality, safety, comfort and durability to home and institutional textiles. From a wide variety of attractive shades, to comfort, soft handle and high durability, our products and solutions enable interior textiles to withstand everyday stains and repeated laundering, retain their color brilliancy.

Our innovative formaldehyde-free MDI resins deliver significant improvements in the production and performance of furniture-grade medium density fiberboard (MDF), high density fiberboard (HDF) and particleboard (PB), that are widely used in furniture production for the home and the office.

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