Advanced Materials

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North American Inquiries (US, Canada, Mexico)

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆For all North American (United States, Canada, Mexico) Advanced Materials inquiries.

Inside North America

Outside of North American Region

For inquiries about Advanced Materials outside of the North American region.

Outside North America

Customer Service

For customer service inquiries directed to our Advanced Materials division.

Advanced Materials Customer Service

European Distribution Network

View our European Distribution Network for Advanced Materials.

View Distribution Network

Regional Contacts


Tel: +86 21 3357 6588

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Tel: +44 1740 629015


Tel: +91-22-42875100

North America

Tel: +1 888 564 9318

South America

Tel: +55 11 2392-2443

Advanced Materials Quality Certificates

ag棋牌游戏-ag棋牌官网-ag棋牌娱乐-ag游戏大厅登陆Huntsman Advanced Materials has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) to assist Huntsman Advanced Materials in meeting its , thus achieving customer satisfaction (alongside meeting other stakeholder requirements) through effective and efficient management of its business processes, in conformance with the International Standard ISO 9001.

View Quality Certificates

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